Helicopter Tours In Henderson Nevada

It is important to understand what it is that you need to do when you arrive in Henderson. Of course, you could kick back, relax, and just gamble at the casinos. However, there’s so much more to do when you get to this area of Nevada which has many different activities. Although many people gravitate toward Las Vegas because of his reputation, and the hundreds of different things that you can do there, you might want to try Henderson first. Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider that have to do with Helicopter Tours in Henderson.

Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour

This is a tour that will take you to the closest portion of the Grand Canyon on the Nevada side. This is not where the actual park entrance is. You will get to see areas that many people do not that travel all the way to the park. You can see everything from above. There are also tours that will take you not only above the canyon but will fly you far enough where you can go down into the canyon itself. There are also South Rim tours, and airplane tours as well, but the West Rim Helicopter Tours will probably work just fine. This allows you to get up in the morning, fly out there, and you can be back by early afternoon. You also get to Soar over Hoover Dam, check out Lake Mead, and also see Black Canyon as well.

Airplane Tours Of The Grand Canyon

You could also take airplane tours of the Grand Canyon which will probably save you a few dollars. It just depends on how much of the canyon you want to see. The one that is the most popular takes you along the South Rim, allowing you to see the breathtaking geology.

These are just a few ideas that you should consider when you get to Henderson. There are always going to be helicopter and airplane tours available. You might have to drive in a little bit out of town to take advantage of these, but you will ultimately be able to have fun in this unique area of Nevada while you are visiting Henderson. Best of all, you can also add on helicopter rides to the plane rides, giving you the best of both worlds, riding on both of these excellent ways to see the Southern Nevada countryside.